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Piano one-on-one

Learning Piano will be a Dream for any primary Keyboardist, I teach Piano with world class syllabus flexible with student to student which has proved good results. Whether you focus to Learn it for Profession or Passion. I teach you the Best. Students are also prepared for Music Examination

Handling Students across the Countries and training students to appear for Music Exams from well-known Universities such as Trinity College of London, Associate Board of Royal School of Music, London College of Music and Rsl.

 As I mastered Keyboard for 12 years and shifted to Piano after completing my Grade 8 in Digital keyboard, I'm a Pianist now for almost 6 Years and Did Grade 7 in Piano under Associate Board of Royal Schools Of Music. You can find about my Playing here . I prepare students for Piano Examinations also..

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Keyboard One-to-One

It's a Basic instrument which comes to every person in terms to learn music. I handle Keyboard class also, for the students who enquire specifically. But, My advice is to learn Piano since once you get into the advanced level of keyboard, you'll begin with learning piano pieces. so, It's better to Start with Piano. And can also appear for Practical Music exams too..

As you Pick either Piano/ Keyboard, I personally Take Piano syllabus as a Basics for Keyboard. Because, my Focus is to bring my students able to play Piano scores, even they Learn keyboard. I'm Damn sure if one loves to play and masters Keyboard, Piano will be the next target. As I did..... haha..... 

Did Grade 8 in Digital Keyboard under Trinity College of London and I was in Magathi Children's Orchestra, a Well known Team in and Around Karur for 4 Years, starting from 4th std to 8th std.  I prepare students for Keyboard Exams also

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Theory of Music and Composition

Yes, Learning Theory behind the Music is very required in field of music composing and also in teaching. It's better to Learn Theory and appear for theory music exams too...

with Grade 8 in Theory of music and composition, I'm very focused to teach the theory behind the each songs which my students learn. But, specifically learning Theory of Music and composition will Help you to Be more creative and produce a good sounding music. I prepare Students for Theory Exams under Trinity College of London and also Under ABRSM.

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Guitar one-on-one

Here comes the Heroic Instrument of all time, Learn Acoustic or Classical Guitar with me as the class is One-on-One. Learning Guitar will be dream and give a try and Learn it.

I started teaching Guitar few Years back and not an Virtuoso player of guitar, But still I train my students to be a great Guitarist. I teach both Acoustic and  Classical Guitar and making students to appear for music examination also if required

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